I am a novelist, poet, author of children's books and curator of anthologies.

I am a novelist, poet, author of children's books and curator of anthologies. My fictions are rich in sensuality, fabrics, works of art and delicious food. You will find love, Shakespearean touches and many passions.

Without detracting from the pace of each unfolding fiction, I place, at its centre, a small kernel of questions about ethical light and darkness, intolerance, the recurrence of war and genocide and our abuse of the natural world.

These questions are debated and pondered, with or without resolution, by my characters as they variously dine at sumptuous tables, drink wine, gamble or act out tense dramas. Continue...

My novels explore, despite their cores of dark matter, the triumphs of the human soul over all sorts of adversity. They will tantalise and leave you hungry for banquets or the most simple meal of bread and wine. Ultimately they will fill you with hope and a sense of profound beauty.

My own satisfaction as an author comes from knowing that I have created worlds real enough for my readers to step into and enjoy while not shying away from deep questions about life.

Ultimately, if I have succeeded, through these fictions, in highlighting the futility of war and the need to engender peace, not only amongst ourselves but also towards the earth, then I would consider this to be my greatest achievement as an author. ...hide extra content.

Die Meester se Verdigsel

Die Meester se Verdigsel

The Master's Ruse, a sensuous, allegorical master-class in the writing of fiction, is now available in Afrikaans. This is its second translation following the Swedish edition.

Portrait of the artist

I live in Cape Town and may never be able to leave because of the wind which I love.

I own a collection of Shona pots and a cabinet of curiosities including shells, feathers, quills, fossils, seed pods, tea cups and shards of old china.

Opera, theatre, art exhibitions and wilderness give me great pleasure.

Heart of Africa! Poems of love, loss & longing

Heart of Africa

A compelling anthology of voices that reveal love's infinitely varied & detailed fabric.

Maggie, Mango and Scottie - an adventure in Africa, beautifully illustrated by Leigh Banks, is my latest book for children.