Absolute Africa!
An anthology of poems

This anthology blew me away! I could not put it down. Schonstein has once more brought poets together in a piece of work that will touch your soul. You will return to the poems again and again. Your world will be so much better for them.

- John Cole-Morgan. TheSouthAfrican.com

Eloquent and elegant voices come together in the many dialects of the human heart. They succinctly describe, sculpt and expose the layers of everyday existence.

We find love, beauty,
reverie and simplicity running alongside pathos and sorrow, expressed on rural, urban, domestic and wild settings. Seen as a whole, the anthology exposes the amazing
life-scaffolding that poetry offers us.

Review comments:
"This thoughtfully selected anthology is redolent of all Africa’s varied and vibrant senses. It captures light, history, landscape, culture and the natural environment, as well as the many challenges that face the human condition. It should be in classrooms and in libraries and on everyone’s bookshelf."
– Tanya Barben, former Rare Books Librarian, University of Cape Town Libraries
"Absolute Africa! is a wonderful selection. Its very title encapsulates its essence and the poems pulsate with life. Colour and light, anguish and laughter, the whimsical and the scurrilous are fashioned into a unique patchwork. Lyrics echo the powerful force of nature and its impact on humanity. The brutalities of war and oppression remain ever present, connecting ancestral lore with the enigma of present-day existence and so a pattern emerges in which the fabric of this extraordinary continent shapes itself."
– Dr Ute Ben Yosef Former Head Librarian, Jacob Gitlin Library, Cape Town

English PaperbackISBN 978-0-620-73537-7
475 pages.
Published by African Sun Press